If I could be a little better
If I could just erase the things I don't want to remember
If I could be the way that I see myself in my head I'd try
To make you believe everything will be okay

Okay, everything will be okay someday

So let's go to the park, I'll take your pictures
Anything to get our minds off of our
Skeletons hidden in our closets
And when it's dark I'll be there to be sure the monsters
Hiding underneath your bed 
Are safely trapped until the dawn comes
And the world is bright again

We've got a past we can't erase
And all I wanna do is escape
And run until my tired feet will reach Morocco, Morocco
Everything will be okay in Morocco

I'm a tiny blade of grass in an enormous field 
And we're experiencing a drought
And I've got no comfort in this life better than having you here
To share my pains and doubts

And when it's all over we will know it 
That though our days were dark we were strong
We hate our lives they're dull and half-lived
But the time will come when we can move on
Well, we're tiny specks on this big old earth
But there's so much left that we have not found