We're Moving Forward

As I look across a binary sea
I see a double digit future
in a browser evergreen.
I see an acid test that's desperate
to keep up with all the noise.
I see the girls can be respected
as they should among the boys.

I see a mobile browser scrolling
headings holding in its place.
I see a famous actors mug
cause it is wrapped around my face.

I see an animation
property without a leading dash.
I changed the URL without a refresh
I'm not talking 'bout the hash.

I think we're moving forward.

We got Object define,
prototype, Function bind,
stringify, String trim,
Object freeze and isFrozen,
parallax, 3D,
fullscreen of an M4V,
SVGs for PNGs,
and ECMA6, CSS3.

You blink twice, Opera, Chrome
IEleven on a phone,
Firefox OS,
Safari is there too, I guess
the web is on faster race
the APIs are in your face.
They're diggin' into native space.
It's everywhere in every single place.

I think we're moving forward.

And I still remember what it's like,
in a notepad every night,
closing every tag I write,
learning why I need DOCTYPE.
Losing sleep and gaining friends
sharing scripts in JS Bins.

I got through,
thanks to you —
thanks to you
we're moving forward.