Only a Child

Creeping 'round the corner, now it's under your bed.
Those glowing eyes you see are the things that you dread.
Oh, don't you know the party that begins when you sleep?
Or did your parents tell you that they all were extinct?

Well, you're only the child.

Like butterfingers on a slice of bread,
they'll slide across your floor while you lie in bed.

But they're only trying to find a nice place to stay.
Sure, they might scare you all night, but they sleep all day.
They've come from near and far, the more the merrier and scarier they are.

Don't squint your eyes at night, it's only a test.
They'll scare you senseless if you're faking that rest.
Or take a peek at all their dancing, it's so fancy to see.
Well, once you saw them having fun not scared you would be.

But you should. You must be terrified, be petrified when they occur
cause later on they will be gone and you'll wish you were

only a child.

Well, you're only a child.