On Your Side

Hey, do you remember
that day in September?
When my life was just a story and I wished it was a dream
and it came true?
That was when I first saw you.

And in the funniest ways
I still remember the days
when my heart was a phase
that was dependent on the sight of your smile
that only angels could rival.

Memories so long ago
I've pushed away so far.
Centuries it seems, alone
and, somehow, here you are.

And here I am, on your side.

More than just a girlfriend,
you could be a best friend.
You could look into my eyes
and try to find the guy that you held to
despite however he failed you.

And in the sunniest skies
and the darkest of nights
it was the thought on my mind
and was the wrong I would right
and I want to
if I only could find you.

Listening back on older songs
when you were not so far.
And just before the thought was gone
well, somehow, there you are.

So here I am, on your side.

And here I am on your side,
and if you don't mind
then I will be on your side.

(Sunshine, open up, bring it in, summer rays,
Sky, light, come along, shine on me brighter days)