Oh my Grocery Girl

pushing my cart, minding my own,
i walk the isle but i'll be alone,
with my woeful mood, and my frozen food,
i've got tina's burritos tonight.

but then in the distance i hear something drop,
i race my cart forward while grabbing a mop,
to the lane near the bread,
as she's turning her head,
it's my grocery girl. it's my grocery girl.

it's sure been a while, she says with a smile,
now if you don't mind i've dropped jam on the tile
of this lane's new floor, it was stained before,
and it's got to be sparkling tonight

but then in an instant an idea's conceived,
i run to the manager ready to plead,
is there room for one more,
i will mop up your floor,
for my grocery girl. for my grocery girl.

i start the next day, now how can i lose,
and i can't wait to see her and tell her the news
in my latex glove, i'll confess my love,
and on chariot waxers we'll ride.

so hours like seconds i'm stocking the shelves,
and watching the doors when they opens themselves -
i'm an avid believer,
that soon I will see her,
my grocery girl. where's my grocery girl?

i'm back to the back cause i've finished the floor,
as fork lift's lift forks in the back of the store,
and i punch my card, boy this work is hard,
and i guess i won't see her tonight.

i'm slow to the exit, i've missed her it seems,
when turning the corner, the girl my dreams,
saying leaving already?
my legs lose their steady.
i could burst into sonnets,
with words like confetti.
composure won't let me,
so i just say bye...

... to my grocery girl. goodbye grocery girl.
goodnight grocery girl.