My Gnome Went to California

There was a little gnome who liked to be bad.
This made his father angry and it made his mother sad.

And all the elves hated him and so did all the pixies.
Even the wizard that we know's a little tipsy.

Cause he could pitch an accorn,
cause he could ditch a cat,
the littlest gnome
thought that he was all that

till his father gave him boot
and his mother gave him loot.
They said, "You go to California
and you buy yourself a suit."

So he said his farewells and he kissed his girlfriend.
He said "I'll see ya later when I'm famous in the end."
And without any pain he was off on his plane.
And the very next day he was in LA.

Yea. My gnome went to California.

There was a little gnome who had a big plan.
He's make himself a star amid the city of man.
But he should have known good 'cause he went to Hollywood.
And the Hollywood crowd don't like the wood.

So the gnome was on the street about to overheat
you'd think that he was beat but he got back on his feet
He'd audition with a wishin that his mission wasn't through.
Maybe he'd be famous in a day or two.
But all the directors with their fancy producers
didn't like his adventures and deemed him a loser.

So if LA wouldn't do it,
the little gnome knew it.
It was time to go
to San Fransisco.

Yea. My gnome went to California.

There was a little gnome who arrived at the bay.
He said, "It's really nice to be outta LA."
And at first it seemed sleek, he was just another freek
He was makin' his money just by walkin' down the street.
Till the very next day he received some mail.
It was from his girlfriend trapped in Mickey's jail.
Turns out the wizard, drinkin' his wine,
told her that the gnome had gone to Anahiem.
So she went to Orange County lookin' for her man,
Wound up locked up in Disneyland.
So he cashed out, packed up, left his new home.
Does he go to save his girlfriend? Well, yea, he's a gnome.

Yea. My gnome went to California.

There was a little gnome with his love forsworn.
Went to find his girl in the Matterhorn.
But behind the kidnap it was Mickey the Rat.
But it turned up as a trap, cause they busted out a cat.

So he busted out Kung-Fu, fought him in jitsu,
gave the Siamese a piece of Gnome-bat Stew.

So with the Cheshire under pressure
Mickey Rat could see no pleasure
as the gnome took back his treasure
off before the final measure.

My gnome went to California.

He's my G from the tree. In the hood called the wood.

My gnome went to California.