Miss A Girl

I miss a girl.
But she thinks our love was a story, all in my head,
Just words that I said.

I kissed a girl.
It was sweet, but bitter in sadness. She said it was staged;
A love that I waged.

I knew a girl.
And I pray I never forget those times that we've known
That left me alone.

And it's hard when emotion's stir,
Hard to forgive myself for hurting her.

But I lost a girl.
Though she carries on like a dream from whence she awoke,
Or so she has spoke.

And I loved a girl.
And yet I sit neglecting a bible, and trying to cry,
or wishing to die.

'Cause I miss a girl.
And it's all quite an adventure; learning to let
God take my debt.
But I'll never regret
Or forget a girl.

I miss my girl.