Live With Yourself

There's a storm on horizon,
Escape or consumed.
You're pouring your lies on
The ones you love, the perfectly doomed.

You punish unworthy.
Sicken the health.
You murdered your innocence
And your punishment is to live with yourself.

All are captured and conquered.
How does it feel?
Agreed that they never loved you
But somehow you hurt them worse in the deal.

Give doubt to believers,
Robbing their wealth.
Angering mobs, but they'll never kill you.
No, you're punishment is to live with yourself.

Turned a love into prison.
Hope to despair.
You horrible monster.
You don't want to be good, just never there.

And carving your smile,
Living in stealth,
Ripping out hearts 'cause it's easy,
You want to die, but instead you'll live.

Live with yourself.

"In the innocence of time
There comes a point of redemption
For those fallen short
Who may return to the fields of youth
But who are weary of themselves find defeat,
Refused to escape the immortality of death.
They are the ones we can not remember
Because they will not forget.
The fragility of the era is lost to guilt
And they carry on without us
And they must live with themselves."