Darling, Please Come Home

We can go back to the ocean waves,
or any other place and spend our days.
But darling, please come home.
Darling, please come home.

I could take you to the city lights,
or a hill and under starry nights,
or seek the unknown.
Darling, please come home.

Life is grand and all,
and I can't stand at all,
and people try to bring me down.

But a gentle touch of God assures,
stands me up and let's me speak these words,
Darling, please come home.
Darling, please come home.

When you think you've had it hard for us,
Love is patient, love is strong enough.
You're never on your own.
And whether we are on a silver screen,
or reading books, and glancing in between,
we'll never be alone,
when darling, you come home.