Coming Back Home

Once I had a true love
'Fore I knew what it had been
The kind that people sing of
And the kind I'll have again.

I thought it would be too rough
When I went out on my own
And a goodbye to my true love
Now she's coming back home.

Once we were a wild heart
We were second to none
But me, you, we could see through
All the trophies we had won.

We tipped o'er all the towers
Walls crashing into dust
And behind our broken mortars
Was a fortune of us.

Hear the crowds cheer your arrival
Hear parades cars as they run
Hear the angels blow their trumpets
And they say you're the one.

Closing curtains and a long kiss
But the stories not done
You take me by the hand
And we're starting to run

Oh, I wait on every moment
They're the best I've ever known
For a hello to my true love
'Cause you're coming back home.